Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Home Network Monitoring Tools That Are Free

Many people do not know that Windows includes free network monitoring tools as part of the operating system. This leads to either wasted money because they purchase something that Windows can already do or to bloated software because they download and try several different systems unaware that most functions are already built into the Windows programming. The process to accessing these tools is not difficult, in spite the claim they are designed for those who are geeks as apposed to those who are typical parents trying to check up on their kids or what have you.

Here is an overview of the process. From the start menu select "Run". Once the "run" dialog is open and you have a box in which to type put in "perfmon" as the program name you are wanting to start ("perfmon" is short for Performance Monitor Application). It will prompt you to accept this program running so click the offered "OK" to move to the next step. The launch of the application will create a graph. Since you want to monitor more then just the overall output, off click to bring up the context menu. From here select "Add Counters" to open a new window. This is where you will run your custom monitoring counter.

On the open blank window you can easily enable network monitoring by picking the computer connected to the network via the drop down menu. This will give you monitoring ability over that machine. Nest pick what you want to keep an eye on, like processor, browser, or even base memory being used on the machine. Once you have both the computer and the factor you want to track figured out use the add button to move this onto the main graph. You can do this for each computer on the network.

This type of home network care is important for several factors. If you use wireless LAN connections to bridge several computers to a single modem there is a real risk of passwords and sensitive data being lifted from the exposed network. While Internet providers make it easy and simple to install LAN networks, they do not often mention the risks involved either, leaving the home user unaware of the security breach. They are also unaware of the built in network monitoring tools that come with Windows. Often times by the point a secondary product is purchased, the breach in security has existed so long that most sensitive information is already floating through cyberspace. All it takes for someone to steal valuable data and bandwidth from your home is finding a good spot to tap into the unsecured LAN network and if you lack monitoring for it you will never know where that is going.

Wireless Network Monitoring

Today's routers are very simple to install and the included CD should guide you in connecting your computer to the router so you can configure the important Wi-Fi settings such as the SSID, security key and encryption. Coming up with a complicated security key with solid encryption should protect your wireless connection from unauthorized usage. But if you want to make sure that nobody is secretly using your wireless connection, you should resort to using network monitoring tools. These network monitoring solutions may not seem easy to come by if you look online but you may have some in your computer already. To find out if you have them, use these network monitoring tips.

The first thing you should do is check if your router can monitor the entire wireless network. Most routers are accessible by typing their domain url into your web browser. You should then be prompted with a username or password where you need to supply the correct details. A reset may be required if you forgot the username and/or password. You may also need to consult your router's user manual if the local address does not work. The interface and monitoring features can vary depending on the router but one thing you should try to look for is the section that shows nothing but the statistics of your router. This section may have a button where you can see the list of clients connected to your network. Simply clicking that button can take you to a page where you can see what devices are using your network and possibly more information.

The router can give you a general overview of your network but it cannot really tell exactly what each connected computer is doing. This is where you have to resort to programs that run in the background to monitor wireless activities. The Task Manager can only go as far as checking the network activity of your own system. Other third-party tools are required to monitor the rest of the network. But if you just want to see if there are unknown devices using the wireless network, consider checking your virus scanner or Internet security suite. Many modern security applications come with wireless network monitors to ensure that malware doesn't spread across the network. Try exploring those programs and see how effective they are in monitoring your network. Just take note that Windows Defender does not feature any wireless monitoring capabilities.

If you still cannot figure out a way to monitor your network, you can try looking for network monitoring tools using your favorite search engine. WirelessNetView by NirSoft is one example of a simple and portable program. Many of these programs are free so look for those before you try out any commercial solutions.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Travel Safe with Smart Phone!

When you travel abroad, the odds are you will have a safe and incident-free trip. Travelers can, however, become victims of crime and violence, or experience unexpected difficulties. Unwary tourists can make easy targets for thieves because they stand out in a crowd, are unused to their surroundings, and are generally carrying money, credit cards and valuables like cameras. Certain safety tips are essential not only in developing countries like India but also all over the globe. To keep on the pleasant aroma till the end of the journey and make your journey more exciting, it is necessary to follow safety tips. Well you can find various tips on how to be safe while travelling, integrating smart phones with your safety plan can be a master stroke.

There are two ways to develop safety mechanisms. Plan your activities well and avoid risky places as far as possible. Second, develop a mechanism which ensures that your near and dear ones get alerts as soon as possible and they are in a position to take necessary action to maintain your safety. A simple smartphone with a smart application can be the mechanism we need. Download a safety app which will do the magic. There are few safety applications available on internet free of cost which caters to either medical emergency or safety or crisis. One application which is pretty comprehensive is ‘EYEWATCH'. It allows you to trigger instant emergency alerts to your trusted contacts, alerting them about your emergency with location, audio visuals situation and other critical details.

The application has the following features: -

    Sends SOS Alerts even if you're not connected to the GPRS
    Tracks your location even if you're inside a building or your GPS isn't working
    Instantly captures audio visual information of the emergency to share with your contacts
    Your family can track you when required in case of an emergency
    Confirms safety to your family without raising an SOS alert

Your pre saved contacts can determine the kind of emergency from the audio/video footage or phone calls that this application sends. In case of medical emergency your close one can send an ambulance. They will take any necessary measure to make sure you are safe.

The difference between the AGPS and GPS

AGPS refers to auxiliary GPS technology, which promote GPS satellite positioning system capability. It realizes fast location via mobile communication base station and is universally applied in mobile phones with built-in GPS function. The satellite wireless signals received by GPS can be reduced by large buildings and trees, and in this condition, the non AGPS navigation device cannot locate fast, but in contrast, the AGPS system can ensure location quickly via the mobile carrier network.
The advantage of AGPS solution:
It provides high location accuracy within 10 meters in the outdoor areas, which is regarded as the present best location technology. Another merit is that: GPS capture signals takes only a few seconds for the first time.
The using solution of AGPS:  
1.    "settings"-connect-access point, adjust the built-in GPRS setting well,
2.    "settings"-connect-grouped data, type name in the access point: GPRS
3.    "settings"-general-position- to choose built-in GPS and internet in location means

The application of AGPS
The major goal of AGPS location technology is to provide high-accuracy location information. The mobile carrier adopts AGPS technology to offer local users to acknowledge his or others' location conveniently and fast, which is appropriate for vehicle tracking and navigation service and other vehicles with special important job, promoting transportation safety, effectiveness and service quality.

The difference between AGPS and GPS
Presently, all Nokia phones with GPS function support GPS tracking system. It's completely free for ordinary GPS to receive satellite signals; whereas, the A-GPS has to download Almanac data through mobile phone GPRS network which requires another payment. In fact, the A-GPS can be regarded as the GPS function with another auxiliary function, which is used to make up the long traditional GPS first location time. In the other hand, the mobile phone supporting A-GPS function can also use GPS function, and A-GPS is an updating version of ordinary GPS. The AGPS satellite is administered by the local government, which can amend the satellite settings according to some relevant plan. And these changes could make a influence in AGPS function. Anyway, the GPS tracker connects directly with the GPS satellite, simultaneously captures signals fast and consumes low power, it alerts you in low battery, over-speed , over-area itself, and provides SOS service asking for help in the emergency time; it delivers SMS or dials to preset police department number through SOS button. Totally, GPS tracker offer better and more accurate service for you than mobile phone AGPS function.

Best Reviews About Garmin Nuvi 2595lmt

Although this unit isn't my first GPS, but I always use GPS from Garmin, I can't compare this product with the other because I familiar with Garmin, that's like perform and user interface.

I use Garmin 2595lmt for the first, so I want talk about what the new of that feature and of course I will review about its performance during I used this in my trip. The last GPS I have, I little bit difficult to see the GPS mounted to the dash. Now that's came with 5 inch screen, it is make screen more wide than before.

I know there is a 7 inch screen on other product, but it had shortcoming, that's like you can't install custom POIs.

Most people likes a simple about operating navigation, you can use the automatic voice recognition to know whatever about your destination or something to navigate to you on driving. To use this feature, you need activated this feature on your device. It's just that your passengers might be annoyed if you frequently use this feature.

You will know about turn lanes on your trip more early and know about exit highway correctly. Viewing junctions is feature on this unit to know the turn lanes. It will tell you about upcoming junction on the display with a picture. A picture complete with signs. The signs as arrows, number of lanes, etc. showing on the small area in the upper left corner. But that feature about viewing junction is half of the screen on the right.

Bright white that showing on the screen is our lane, and the other is grey.

Now is about traffic, as far as there aren't problem about traffic. I never confused or rerouting that because of traffic. This feature will be great work in the metropolitan cities.

During driving, there are small sign on the display. That will show you the limit and actual speed, so you can easily estimate time of arrival at destination, especially in new areas. That nice little feature to keep us to be honest while driving, the posted limit turns red if our speed is exceeds. Now, the estimated time of arrival more accurate.

There are various kinds of gps with a variety of performance, you do not have to look one by one, in www.best-garmingps.com you will find reviews about the gps with different specifications.

Avoid the Perils of Idling Through Vehicle Tracking System

Do you know how much your truck consumes fuel just from not moving? Idling is one of the most overlooked aspects in driving and one of the easiest to correct with GPS tracking. The driver allows the engine to run while delivering, going to the toilet, ordering food or when stranded in traffic. If you have a large engine, chances are you lose three-tenths of each gallon for every half hour of idling. If you have a fleet of trucks, the costs can add up.

Grim statistics

According to the US Department of Energy, you need only to use 14-16% of the fuel energy to run your truck as well as activate your air conditioning. The rest is lost to ineffective driving techniques and idling. In its report, engine losses (including heat from the exhaust, thermal, radiator, combustion and friction) account for about 70% of the fuel energy. Wind resistance, braking, and road resistance also make up 17-21% of the losses to your fuel. Gas prices inSingaporeare very expensive because of the high tax. So for an average of $6.00 Singaporean dollar per gallon, you would have lost about a dollar every time one of your trucks idles. With the GPS tracking device, you can check where your trucks are at any given time and determine if they are out of route.

Training and monitoring

It's probably not your fault as you haven't been remiss in training and reminding your truck drivers of the proper driving techniques. But you can't really be sure whether they are where they should be at a particular moment. They could be driving your truck to their home while they catch up on sleep, or fetching their kids from school. Apart from idling, these unauthorized trips cost you money from the fuel they consume. While you certainly understand that they have an obligation to their family, the also have a responsibility to your company. Monitoring them with a vehicle tracking system can save you thousands each year in fuel expenses as well as evaluate the capacity of your truck drivers to follow instructions.

Other Benefits

In order to save cost, you don't have to install the software in your company and instead outsource the tracking to a specialist. In this way, you will just be hooked up to the system and immediately find where your trucks are going through the GPS tracking device. You can also plan the most efficient route going to the destination, which ensures less idling and less delivery time.

Consumer uses for GPS Tracking Devices

Over the last few years we have 'come along way baby' when it comes to GPS Devices. What was once specific to the military is now readily available to the consumer market, and the devices get smarter, smaller and more reliable as the technology advances. There are many black hat uses for GPS tracking, and some people may see it as too much of a 'Big Brother watching you' situation, but it can have its legitimate uses when it comes to every day life.

The number of GPS devices in use goes up every day, and the way in which they are used also changes on a regular basis as more and more applications become available.

Consumers use Tracking Devices in many different ways, but here are 5 of the most common.

Tracking Vehicles

Things that move tend to me easy targets for theft, and cars are certainly no stranger to theft. Having a GPS Tracking device installed in your car, or fleet, can help you to monitor the exact location of the vehicle. With GPS you can also work out things such as mileage covered and fuel costs just by using a very simple mapping application.

Friends and Family

Now, whilst GPS Tracking devices can be used so that you can snoop on the location of your partner, there are also much more legitimate uses such as keeping track of your kids. We live in an age where it is unfortunate that even playing out in your own street comes with risks attached, and you can help manage this risk by issuing your family with a discrete Tracking Device

Valuable Assets away from home

Also known as Remote assets, owners of caravans or boats that are kept away from sight for large parts of the year can also benefit from GPS Tracking devices. How much weight would it take off your shoulder to know that your prize boat is still moored in the harbor and has not been taken by opportunists?

Domestic Animals

Tracking domestic pets was an early adoptee to GPS Tracking technology. People become very attached to their animals and it can be heartbreaking if your cat or dog wanders off not to be seen again. Even if you take your dog out for walks and let him off his lead, an interesting scent can soon distract them as they wander off out of your vision However, with a GPS Tracking device on their collar it wouldn't take long for the offending pooch to be tracked down and brought back home.

Sports Events and Activities

Some traditional sporting events such as Orienteering use GPS tracking to help keep tabs on participants. Cross Country runners, and even marathon runners also utilise GPS Tracking devices, not just in competition but in training so that they can keep track of just how far they have ran.