Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The difference between the AGPS and GPS

AGPS refers to auxiliary GPS technology, which promote GPS satellite positioning system capability. It realizes fast location via mobile communication base station and is universally applied in mobile phones with built-in GPS function. The satellite wireless signals received by GPS can be reduced by large buildings and trees, and in this condition, the non AGPS navigation device cannot locate fast, but in contrast, the AGPS system can ensure location quickly via the mobile carrier network.
The advantage of AGPS solution:
It provides high location accuracy within 10 meters in the outdoor areas, which is regarded as the present best location technology. Another merit is that: GPS capture signals takes only a few seconds for the first time.
The using solution of AGPS:  
1.    "settings"-connect-access point, adjust the built-in GPRS setting well,
2.    "settings"-connect-grouped data, type name in the access point: GPRS
3.    "settings"-general-position- to choose built-in GPS and internet in location means

The application of AGPS
The major goal of AGPS location technology is to provide high-accuracy location information. The mobile carrier adopts AGPS technology to offer local users to acknowledge his or others' location conveniently and fast, which is appropriate for vehicle tracking and navigation service and other vehicles with special important job, promoting transportation safety, effectiveness and service quality.

The difference between AGPS and GPS
Presently, all Nokia phones with GPS function support GPS tracking system. It's completely free for ordinary GPS to receive satellite signals; whereas, the A-GPS has to download Almanac data through mobile phone GPRS network which requires another payment. In fact, the A-GPS can be regarded as the GPS function with another auxiliary function, which is used to make up the long traditional GPS first location time. In the other hand, the mobile phone supporting A-GPS function can also use GPS function, and A-GPS is an updating version of ordinary GPS. The AGPS satellite is administered by the local government, which can amend the satellite settings according to some relevant plan. And these changes could make a influence in AGPS function. Anyway, the GPS tracker connects directly with the GPS satellite, simultaneously captures signals fast and consumes low power, it alerts you in low battery, over-speed , over-area itself, and provides SOS service asking for help in the emergency time; it delivers SMS or dials to preset police department number through SOS button. Totally, GPS tracker offer better and more accurate service for you than mobile phone AGPS function.


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