Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prevent Your Bike From Falling Apart With GPS Tracking

The story began with the report of three motorcycles stolen from a Pineville residence. And in the course of investigation police found that parts from one of the motorbikes were being sold on the Internet. This prompted detectives to investigate the seller on Willow Glenn Street in Alexandria, on whose premises all the three motorbikes were found. Detectives arrested Jedodiah Jewell Bartley, 26, and Paula Danise Johnson, 44 who are now charged with three counts of unauthorized use greater than $1,000, two counts of criminal damage between $500 and $50,000 and one count of obstruction of justice.

  The police got lucky in this case. What if the miscreants never sold any bike parts online? Would the police have been able to track the bikes down successfully? Motorbikes are such a huge part of the owner's personality that they almost become second nature. And thefts of such close companions are bound to get you down   Had the three stolen bikes been equipped with GPS trackers, they would have been found in the span of a day or two. Regardless of owning a sports bike, a cruiser, a street bike, an ATV or a dirt bike even, motorbikes are more prone to theft than other automotive owing to their portability and size. Motorcycle thefts have increased 50% since 2004 and now stand at 63,828 nation-wide. What's even more alarming is that motorcycle parts, including frames, can be more easily altered, reused and camouflaged than car or truck parts resulting in a lower recovery rate for stolen motorcycles than other automobiles. Bikes do not need to be hotwired in some case and can simply be loaded onto larger vehicles and driven off. Alarms with flashing lights & sirens can simply be disabled with a hammer.   GPS trackers have risen to combat this menace to the biking world. They have become an indispensable part of the Motorcycle & Bike Industry and it is not difficult to see why.    GPS bike trackers allow anyone to track your motorcycle's whereabouts in real-time from anywhere in the world, via the internet, through uniquely designed web-based mapping software. With these sensitive and timely devices, you can set specific geo mapping or ‘safe zones for your bike. If the bike is breaches this radius, an alert is immediately sent to you prompting you to take action. GPS trackers also report crashes. Suppose your vehicle has been stolen and has been involved in a road accident, immediately receive notifications. If there is any attempt to hotwire the bike, an automated email or cell phone alert is sent, giving you the opportunity to spring into action and activate the ignition disable switch.   GPS bike trackers are small, non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing devices which do not require any cumbersome or complicated installation procedures. Software is extremely simple to install and saves labor costs that you would've otherwise incurred in installing bulkier counterparts.   Stay rest assured and theft free with GPS bike trackers.


  1. I am agree with you that motorcycle rider acts like second nature.Many times there have been worst accidents so a gps tracker will be useful to track the bike driver.It will be helpful decrease the ratio of road accidents.Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Online Vehicle Tracking solution allows us to audit where our Vehicle are at any point at a click of a button and a full history of where it.