Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aerial Photogrammetry Services

Measurement, in one way or the other, is an inevitable feature in our daily life. Many situations in life demand measuring distances, areas, co-ordinates, or volumes. We tend to use the normal measuring devices for the usual measuring requirements. But there are conditions in which the normal techniques are of no use and these requirements need Photogrammetry/Aerial Photogrammetry as the only substitute measuring technique.

The situations in which the normal measuring doesn't work need to be discussed.  Usually the kind of objects determines the method of measuring them.  There will be circumstances where the object in consideration doesn't exist in the time of discussion or sometimes, the objects will be in a remote locale and can't be reached easily.  If you want to take the geographical measurements of a distant region, the aerial photographs are taken and maps are made after prompt aerial photo interpretation.

Pointing one of the advantages of aerial photographs, we need to say that no physical contact is needed to take the measurements in this technique.  This allows you to take the actual measurement and interpretation of not so solid or smooth entities like liquids or clouds.

Beyond that, the fast moving objects can also be measured using photogrammetric techniques.  Very swiftly moving objects like running animals, fast moving waves or tides can be measured using aerial photogrammetry.  High-end cameras having simultaneous activation are used for this purpose.

Aerial photos which are taken using analogue aerial camera in the measure 9" by 9" needs to be converted to digital form for proper aerial photo interpretation using a scanner.  Images from non-metric or digital cameras other than high-speed ones and even terrestrial images can be interpreted using the advanced technological methods. Nowadays laser scanner equipment is used as an alternative option to photogrammetry.

Aerially and in close range cases, laser scanning is generally used to obtain information about the reliefs or the terrain models and especially when we need to collect large amounts of three-dimensional point data (point clouds). The main advantage in this technique is that the object need not be high-textured as it is required by the photogrammetric matching techniques.

To reveal the disadvantage part about laser scanning over photogrammetric techniques is that it is very time-consuming and very expensive.  Above that laser scanning cannot be employed for quickly moving objects like aerial photogrammetric methods. Laser scanning can only be considered as a supplement to photogrammetry.

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