Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Carjacker Gets Cold Feet & Jail Term

This dramatic incident took place around noon on May 20th when temperatures peaked and hit 85 degrees.

Damaris Montes, owner of the car and mother to the 23-month old baby, told police that she was followed by Ramon Rivera, the accused after a deal to sell a used computer fell through. She tried to elude him, but Ramon Rivera was persistent and continued to drive behind her. On Meadow Pond Way, Ramon's cars bumped hers forcing her to stop. At this point Ramon began arguing vehemently, also breaking her driver's sidecar window. Montes made her way out through the passenger side car door, when Ramon suddenly launched himself into the driver's seat and zoomed away, with the baby still in the back seat!

Ramon's version of events claim that he was trying to retrieve a stolen computer out of Montes's trunk and that he broke the car window to get to the trunk release button. He claims to have got into the car and driven away on seeing several men approach him. He then abandoned the car after taking the computer.

Henry Paul Ramon Rivera is now charged on several counts including carjacking with a deadly weapon, kidnapping a child under 13 years of age, child abuse and aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.

The car was found at 1pm that Saturday with the baby in the back seat profusely sweating and on the verge of serious dehydration. The baby was treated by paramedics before being handed back to the mother. No serious damage was done. But what if the car had never been found? Would the baby have lived to see another Saturday?

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