Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GPS Technology Brings In A New Bagg-Age

The bag's description includes a scene of New York City printed on it, along with the image of a yellow taxi cab. Does it contain jewelry, documents or cash, you wonder. Something's are far more valuable than money. For Jocelyne Lavoie-Konyk, it was a memory of her late Husband.

Lavoie-Konyk travelled to Winnipeg to share memories of her late husband with her daughter and mark his first death anniversary with a memorial scrapbook dedicated to him. David Konyk, her husband who was interred at a memorial honouring firefighters in Brookside Cemetery, died of a rare form of cancer 12 days short of his 65th birthday. Lavoie and David had been married for more than 40 years.  The scrapbook was a labor of love and contains unique photos and badges, which Lavoie wanted to share with her daughter. For Lavoie, it was like losing a life story.  

The bag also contains a journal that Lavoie has been using to cope with her loss and a battery charger for a hand prosthesis she uses. Both mother and daughter have left no stone unturned to search for the missing bag, including rummaging through garbage cans. They are still searching.  

Most of us have travelled to new destinations and come back with a bagful of memories and souvenirs. Do you know how many of these go missing? Statistics from the Bureau of Transportation Services (BTS) show that 2.04 million bags were mishandled in 2010. And that number is one the rise. And this is restricted to airport data alone. How about the countless numbers those are lost in transit? Just like the bag of immense sentimental value that fell out of a moving car in Winnipeg. We all have experienced the loss of misplaced or missing baggage at some point in our lives.  

GPS technology has enabled countless people from around the world to track their missing luggage. As small, inconspicuous, waterproof and handy devices that can be easily slipped into your suitcase, GPS luggage trackers offer round the clock luggage monitoring in extreme environments. GPS luggage trackers send regular messages and alerts via the internet to your laptop, cellular phone or home phone to ensure that you stay updated on your luggage's location. With GPS luggage trackers, set up ‘safe zones' for your luggage. Safe zones when breached result in an immediate alert being sent to you. With GPS technology, you can also set up speed thresholds for luggage. Suitcase trackers with their inbuilt accelerometers immediately send out alerts if a certain speed limit is crosses, prompting you to take notice of your luggage's whereabouts. In addition to misplaced luggage GPS tracking devices prevent theft and help you zero down on your bag's location. Luggage trackers are compatible with most cellular networks and work on all GSM/GPRS mobile networks. 

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