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Travel Safe with Smart Phone!

When you travel abroad, the odds are you will have a safe and incident-free trip. Travelers can, however, become victims of crime and violence, or experience unexpected difficulties. Unwary tourists can make easy targets for thieves because they stand out in a crowd, are unused to their surroundings, and are generally carrying money, credit cards and valuables like cameras. Certain safety tips are essential not only in developing countries like India but also all over the globe. To keep on the pleasant aroma till the end of the journey and make your journey more exciting, it is necessary to follow safety tips. Well you can find various tips on how to be safe while travelling, integrating smart phones with your safety plan can be a master stroke.

There are two ways to develop safety mechanisms. Plan your activities well and avoid risky places as far as possible. Second, develop a mechanism which ensures that your near and dear ones get alerts as soon as possible and they are in a position to take necessary action to maintain your safety. A simple smartphone with a smart application can be the mechanism we need. Download a safety app which will do the magic. There are few safety applications available on internet free of cost which caters to either medical emergency or safety or crisis. One application which is pretty comprehensive is ‘EYEWATCH'. It allows you to trigger instant emergency alerts to your trusted contacts, alerting them about your emergency with location, audio visuals situation and other critical details.

The application has the following features: -

    Sends SOS Alerts even if you're not connected to the GPRS
    Tracks your location even if you're inside a building or your GPS isn't working
    Instantly captures audio visual information of the emergency to share with your contacts
    Your family can track you when required in case of an emergency
    Confirms safety to your family without raising an SOS alert

Your pre saved contacts can determine the kind of emergency from the audio/video footage or phone calls that this application sends. In case of medical emergency your close one can send an ambulance. They will take any necessary measure to make sure you are safe.

The difference between the AGPS and GPS

AGPS refers to auxiliary GPS technology, which promote GPS satellite positioning system capability. It realizes fast location via mobile communication base station and is universally applied in mobile phones with built-in GPS function. The satellite wireless signals received by GPS can be reduced by large buildings and trees, and in this condition, the non AGPS navigation device cannot locate fast, but in contrast, the AGPS system can ensure location quickly via the mobile carrier network.
The advantage of AGPS solution:
It provides high location accuracy within 10 meters in the outdoor areas, which is regarded as the present best location technology. Another merit is that: GPS capture signals takes only a few seconds for the first time.
The using solution of AGPS:  
1.    "settings"-connect-access point, adjust the built-in GPRS setting well,
2.    "settings"-connect-grouped data, type name in the access point: GPRS
3.    "settings"-general-position- to choose built-in GPS and internet in location means

The application of AGPS
The major goal of AGPS location technology is to provide high-accuracy location information. The mobile carrier adopts AGPS technology to offer local users to acknowledge his or others' location conveniently and fast, which is appropriate for vehicle tracking and navigation service and other vehicles with special important job, promoting transportation safety, effectiveness and service quality.

The difference between AGPS and GPS
Presently, all Nokia phones with GPS function support GPS tracking system. It's completely free for ordinary GPS to receive satellite signals; whereas, the A-GPS has to download Almanac data through mobile phone GPRS network which requires another payment. In fact, the A-GPS can be regarded as the GPS function with another auxiliary function, which is used to make up the long traditional GPS first location time. In the other hand, the mobile phone supporting A-GPS function can also use GPS function, and A-GPS is an updating version of ordinary GPS. The AGPS satellite is administered by the local government, which can amend the satellite settings according to some relevant plan. And these changes could make a influence in AGPS function. Anyway, the GPS tracker connects directly with the GPS satellite, simultaneously captures signals fast and consumes low power, it alerts you in low battery, over-speed , over-area itself, and provides SOS service asking for help in the emergency time; it delivers SMS or dials to preset police department number through SOS button. Totally, GPS tracker offer better and more accurate service for you than mobile phone AGPS function.

Best Reviews About Garmin Nuvi 2595lmt

Although this unit isn't my first GPS, but I always use GPS from Garmin, I can't compare this product with the other because I familiar with Garmin, that's like perform and user interface.

I use Garmin 2595lmt for the first, so I want talk about what the new of that feature and of course I will review about its performance during I used this in my trip. The last GPS I have, I little bit difficult to see the GPS mounted to the dash. Now that's came with 5 inch screen, it is make screen more wide than before.

I know there is a 7 inch screen on other product, but it had shortcoming, that's like you can't install custom POIs.

Most people likes a simple about operating navigation, you can use the automatic voice recognition to know whatever about your destination or something to navigate to you on driving. To use this feature, you need activated this feature on your device. It's just that your passengers might be annoyed if you frequently use this feature.

You will know about turn lanes on your trip more early and know about exit highway correctly. Viewing junctions is feature on this unit to know the turn lanes. It will tell you about upcoming junction on the display with a picture. A picture complete with signs. The signs as arrows, number of lanes, etc. showing on the small area in the upper left corner. But that feature about viewing junction is half of the screen on the right.

Bright white that showing on the screen is our lane, and the other is grey.

Now is about traffic, as far as there aren't problem about traffic. I never confused or rerouting that because of traffic. This feature will be great work in the metropolitan cities.

During driving, there are small sign on the display. That will show you the limit and actual speed, so you can easily estimate time of arrival at destination, especially in new areas. That nice little feature to keep us to be honest while driving, the posted limit turns red if our speed is exceeds. Now, the estimated time of arrival more accurate.

There are various kinds of gps with a variety of performance, you do not have to look one by one, in you will find reviews about the gps with different specifications.

Avoid the Perils of Idling Through Vehicle Tracking System

Do you know how much your truck consumes fuel just from not moving? Idling is one of the most overlooked aspects in driving and one of the easiest to correct with GPS tracking. The driver allows the engine to run while delivering, going to the toilet, ordering food or when stranded in traffic. If you have a large engine, chances are you lose three-tenths of each gallon for every half hour of idling. If you have a fleet of trucks, the costs can add up.

Grim statistics

According to the US Department of Energy, you need only to use 14-16% of the fuel energy to run your truck as well as activate your air conditioning. The rest is lost to ineffective driving techniques and idling. In its report, engine losses (including heat from the exhaust, thermal, radiator, combustion and friction) account for about 70% of the fuel energy. Wind resistance, braking, and road resistance also make up 17-21% of the losses to your fuel. Gas prices inSingaporeare very expensive because of the high tax. So for an average of $6.00 Singaporean dollar per gallon, you would have lost about a dollar every time one of your trucks idles. With the GPS tracking device, you can check where your trucks are at any given time and determine if they are out of route.

Training and monitoring

It's probably not your fault as you haven't been remiss in training and reminding your truck drivers of the proper driving techniques. But you can't really be sure whether they are where they should be at a particular moment. They could be driving your truck to their home while they catch up on sleep, or fetching their kids from school. Apart from idling, these unauthorized trips cost you money from the fuel they consume. While you certainly understand that they have an obligation to their family, the also have a responsibility to your company. Monitoring them with a vehicle tracking system can save you thousands each year in fuel expenses as well as evaluate the capacity of your truck drivers to follow instructions.

Other Benefits

In order to save cost, you don't have to install the software in your company and instead outsource the tracking to a specialist. In this way, you will just be hooked up to the system and immediately find where your trucks are going through the GPS tracking device. You can also plan the most efficient route going to the destination, which ensures less idling and less delivery time.

Consumer uses for GPS Tracking Devices

Over the last few years we have 'come along way baby' when it comes to GPS Devices. What was once specific to the military is now readily available to the consumer market, and the devices get smarter, smaller and more reliable as the technology advances. There are many black hat uses for GPS tracking, and some people may see it as too much of a 'Big Brother watching you' situation, but it can have its legitimate uses when it comes to every day life.

The number of GPS devices in use goes up every day, and the way in which they are used also changes on a regular basis as more and more applications become available.

Consumers use Tracking Devices in many different ways, but here are 5 of the most common.

Tracking Vehicles

Things that move tend to me easy targets for theft, and cars are certainly no stranger to theft. Having a GPS Tracking device installed in your car, or fleet, can help you to monitor the exact location of the vehicle. With GPS you can also work out things such as mileage covered and fuel costs just by using a very simple mapping application.

Friends and Family

Now, whilst GPS Tracking devices can be used so that you can snoop on the location of your partner, there are also much more legitimate uses such as keeping track of your kids. We live in an age where it is unfortunate that even playing out in your own street comes with risks attached, and you can help manage this risk by issuing your family with a discrete Tracking Device

Valuable Assets away from home

Also known as Remote assets, owners of caravans or boats that are kept away from sight for large parts of the year can also benefit from GPS Tracking devices. How much weight would it take off your shoulder to know that your prize boat is still moored in the harbor and has not been taken by opportunists?

Domestic Animals

Tracking domestic pets was an early adoptee to GPS Tracking technology. People become very attached to their animals and it can be heartbreaking if your cat or dog wanders off not to be seen again. Even if you take your dog out for walks and let him off his lead, an interesting scent can soon distract them as they wander off out of your vision However, with a GPS Tracking device on their collar it wouldn't take long for the offending pooch to be tracked down and brought back home.

Sports Events and Activities

Some traditional sporting events such as Orienteering use GPS tracking to help keep tabs on participants. Cross Country runners, and even marathon runners also utilise GPS Tracking devices, not just in competition but in training so that they can keep track of just how far they have ran.

Aerial Photogrammetry Services

Measurement, in one way or the other, is an inevitable feature in our daily life. Many situations in life demand measuring distances, areas, co-ordinates, or volumes. We tend to use the normal measuring devices for the usual measuring requirements. But there are conditions in which the normal techniques are of no use and these requirements need Photogrammetry/Aerial Photogrammetry as the only substitute measuring technique.

The situations in which the normal measuring doesn't work need to be discussed.  Usually the kind of objects determines the method of measuring them.  There will be circumstances where the object in consideration doesn't exist in the time of discussion or sometimes, the objects will be in a remote locale and can't be reached easily.  If you want to take the geographical measurements of a distant region, the aerial photographs are taken and maps are made after prompt aerial photo interpretation.

Pointing one of the advantages of aerial photographs, we need to say that no physical contact is needed to take the measurements in this technique.  This allows you to take the actual measurement and interpretation of not so solid or smooth entities like liquids or clouds.

Beyond that, the fast moving objects can also be measured using photogrammetric techniques.  Very swiftly moving objects like running animals, fast moving waves or tides can be measured using aerial photogrammetry.  High-end cameras having simultaneous activation are used for this purpose.

Aerial photos which are taken using analogue aerial camera in the measure 9" by 9" needs to be converted to digital form for proper aerial photo interpretation using a scanner.  Images from non-metric or digital cameras other than high-speed ones and even terrestrial images can be interpreted using the advanced technological methods. Nowadays laser scanner equipment is used as an alternative option to photogrammetry.

Aerially and in close range cases, laser scanning is generally used to obtain information about the reliefs or the terrain models and especially when we need to collect large amounts of three-dimensional point data (point clouds). The main advantage in this technique is that the object need not be high-textured as it is required by the photogrammetric matching techniques.

To reveal the disadvantage part about laser scanning over photogrammetric techniques is that it is very time-consuming and very expensive.  Above that laser scanning cannot be employed for quickly moving objects like aerial photogrammetric methods. Laser scanning can only be considered as a supplement to photogrammetry.

SBL Infotech whose operational unit is in India, a global ITES company is all engineered to face the diverse challenges and requirements in Aerial photogrammetry/aerial photography services with a proficient team of experienced professionals and leading-edge technology to complement them. SBL Infotech in UK delivers quality outputs to its clients worldwide.

GPS tracker saves you another assistant

The GPS Tracking Devices category includes many categories like persons, pets, vehicles and etc ... A GPS vehicle tracker is a piece of equipment that is installed in an automobile. Many times, a GPS vehicle tracker is installed on the dashboard of a car or truck, but sometimes one can be hidden. Once a GPS vehicle tracker has been activated, that tracker can track the whereabouts of the vehicle in question. To do this however, you must do business with a GPS company, which will enable the installed GPS vehicle tracker to be activated. Many GPS companies keep records of all GPS vehicle trackers for some time, like at least a few? You can find USB Sat Nav adapters for your PC, and GPS Jammers if you want to disable unwanted GPS tracking for privacy protection.?

In fact, no matter who you are, or which industry you work in, or you are a businessman aiming at controlling inventory and employee time. Track Your Truck offers vehicle tracking equipment and services that help improve performance and cut costs, no matter what industry you serve. Whether you are a business owner looking to control inventory and employee time, or you are a dispatcher interested in an easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate vehicle tracking system, Track Your Truck can help you find a simple and effective solution.

The GPS Tracking device products are usually introduced by us some months ahead of the general market, which gives our resellers and channel partners a distinct advantage over competitors. And of course, all our GPS Gadgets come with our usual factory direct low China Wholesale Price! In fact, all our GPS Gadgets are OEM models of famous brand products, which mean everything you find here uses the best chipsets and firmware to give you the fabulous user experience possible while being half the price of the "name-brand" models. So, whether you need a GPS Tracker for business, GPS Data Logger for outdoor exploring, or Personal GPS Tracker for your family, everything you need can be found in the?GPS Tracking Devices?category at Chinavasion.

Totally, if you want to take a GPS tracker installed in your vehicle, you will need to find a GPS company to help you deal with relevant affairs. If you have yet to purchase your?GPS vehicle tracker, it may be a good idea to find a company first, as many GPS companies have a preference as to which type of GPS vehicle trackers are used. Once you have found a GPS tracking device company to do business with and purchased the necessary equipment, you should be good to go; the whereabouts of your personal vehicles or work vehicles can be tracked.

The World Of A Total Tracking

Nowadays even the most skeptical scientists admit that we live in an information society. For most countries and communities information becomes the most valuable political and economical resource. A huge number of organizations and institutions are involved in collecting information. With the help of technology development they can get more and more detailed information. Never before in a human history could we find a period when the information was so available, that it is possible to get detailed personal information almost about every human being especially from the Western part of the world.

The whole world seems to be engaged in the process of collecting the information: security services, marketing and sociological researches and social media, where sometimes very personal information is put on a public display. Of course this new trend of knowing everything about everybody couldn't exist without new technological achievements. Just like Renaissance wasn't possible without printing, modern Western civilization could not exist without GPS and GLONASS technologies used for personal tracking. Last century tracking systems were invented and used for military purposes only. Nowadays GPS and GLONASS technologies are widely used for employees tracking, children and spouse tracking, elderly people tracking, teenagers tracking.

The role of governments in modern civilizations depends on managing and controlling the information of different kinds, but mainly information about human resources and every citizen in particular. During the last several decades the Western world seems to make its choice in favor of security and at the expense of personal freedoms. Nowadays almost anything including human rights violation can be justified by safety reasons. This happens on a governmental level, as well as on corporate and family levels.

Mass production of GPS trackers makes the device cheaper and cheaper and some of the researchers claim that by 2023 every organization in the United States would have enough resources to track every employee.  Even now the society does not consider employee tracking as a human rights violation. It is commonly believed that employer buys the time of the employee and that is why has the right to know what is going on during this time. 

Family members tracking can also be explained if we take a closer look on a lifestyle in the information society. A typical Western man spends most of the time working and in the spare time he is usually trying to absorb an enormous amount of goods, entertainments and information. The amount of time a modern person spends in a family circle is declining every year and relatives become more and more detached. At the same time people still want to overcome the growing isolation and that explains the boom of the various technical means, social media and other inventions of the 21st century, that allow staying in touch. But GPS tracking is a much more convenient instrument of taking care about the family. With the help of tracking system one can always have full information about every move of a spouse, kids, teenagers and elderly relatives. 

The fact that tracking obviously breaks some boundaries and destroys personal space doesn't seem to bother the society too much. Any decision like that can be easily justified by safety reasons, of course.

All that seems to only demonstrate the fact that technology develops so fast, that the society doesn't have time to create certain regulations and manage new opportunities.

It means that if the Western society would not find the way to limit and control certain technologies, we might end up in a dystopia where everybody plays the role of a big brother who watches you.

Mapping Solutions to Drive Business

Real estate agents require a tool for effective location analysis. Likewise, police officers use powerful tools for crime analysis. On the other hand, retail industry owners also use solutions for customer tracking. These are different people from different industries but all of them require one tool that helps enormously to carry out their tasks in the most efficient way – mapping.

Throughout the years, mapping evolved from classroom geographical studies to business analysis. Gone are the days when mapping is only used for pinpointing locations. Now, with the growing demands of many industries, mapping has already placed in a whole new level of business intelligence!

Our modern world has seen organizations with growing interest in mapping and other GIS solutions. Businesses have seen how they can take advantage of tools used for mapping services. Whether you are a business owner wanted to keep track of your customer buying behavior or an insurance company agent performing risk analysis, you will make the most from your business when mapping solutions are applied.

How to Detect a Good Mapping Solutions Provider

The internet houses thousands of companies providing different mapping services. With all the free multi-map services around, how can you determine if a mapping solutions provider is reliable?

A good mapping solutions provider should have:

·         Long line of history and project experience in GIS technology

·         Technical expertise in using mapping software programs and tools

·         Sound Insights in GIS rules, principles and applications

·         Personal commitment to individual clients' demands, needs and goals

·         Excellent project management

·    Solutions that meet the client's budget, expectations and timeline without hampering the quality of the service.

·         High quality GIS tools and easy-to-use maps.

When these factors are present mapping solutions can be of great value.

Benefits of Mapping Solutions

Instead of doing random hit-or-miss business plans or create trial-and-error techniques that seem disconnected from success, mapping helps provide accurate spatial information. Government departments, educational institutions, medical and health facilities and other commercial institutions greatly benefit from mapping services.

Some of the best multi-map services provide the following benefits:

1.       Security Issues Analysis – Mitigate risks or identify threats.
2.       Asset Management – Identify the key factors pertinent to success.
3.       Complaint Tracking – Achieve better customer relations.
4.       Cost Reduction – Organizations need to look through the map first before creating a concise business plan that will be effective to their target markets.
5.       Data Integration – Necessary to derive an accurate solution to specific mapping problem.
6.       Planning Facilitation – Execute the right business steps and planning.
7.       Improved Data Quality – Strict quality standards are implemented for high customer satisfaction.
8.       Increased Mapping Productivity – Increase data access, improved efficiency in engineering and operational works, and integrate billing, work orders and maintenance.

Mapping gives organization to data. It tells the story. And because of these benefits we can expect that more and more organizations will take advantage of these mapping solutions.

GPS Tracking Devices: Vital for the Safety of Moving Vehicles

When you purchase a new vehicle, you immediately look for the vehicle insurance that is vital in all the ways. However, with increasing cases of auto theft, vehicle insurance companies have made some changes in their policies and terms & conditions. If you are also one of them who have purchased a new vehicle, then you should also spend some extra amount in the installation of latest and high end GPS tracking devices. GPS tracking devices, they work according to the signals and radio webs through Global Positioning System that is a satellite based navigation system made up of 24 main satellites orbiting the Earth and transmitting radio-wave signals to earth.

Signals or waves received through system are used through GPS receiver to track and at the same time calculate exact location of moving vehicles in which a GPS vehicle tracking device is installed. In the further processing, when the distance is estimated to different satellites (at least last four), the location of the moving vehicles is calculated by the receiver and the details are saved in the servers installed in service providers workplaces. Talking about their benefits, these devices are very helpful in showing you the shortcut routes of the destinations you are going for the first time.

Put simply, if you are new in a city and not aware of the city routes, you can set the place name and you will get the right route to reach there. Apart from this, GPS tracking devices also provide you routes and information about the public places, hospitals, restaurants, police station, metro/railway station and different other vital places. In addition to this, they also keep you updated with city traffic and then shortcuts to avoid traffic. Apart from all the aforementioned features, these devices also play a major role in vehicle safety. In case of theft, you will get SMS or alerts; thus you can switched off the engine from the comfort of home or lock the doors of the vehicles.

There are also a number of additional benefits of installation of latest GPS tracking devices. Today, there are a number of leading companies that have their own servers and engineers to fix these devices in the vehicles in the most effective way. These devices are available in different shapes, sizes, designs and styles and at the most reasonable price tags.

High-End GPS Vehicle Tracking System Provides You Real Time Information of Moving Vehicles

Who can better understand the importance of real time information of moving vehicles than fleet managers and transporters who have large fleet of vehicles and always think of keeping eye on moving vehicles. Needless to say, it is a challenging task to manage and monitor fleet of vehicles. Fleet managers either have to employ more employees to do so, or depend on different sources. Apart from this, in such cases, they have to bear different losses and face fraudulent of fuel receipts, vehicle maintenance report and other details as well.

But, today, these all cases are a matter of gone by era as the invention of GPS vehicle tracking systems has changed the way of vehicle tracking completely. Today, high end and latest GPS vehicle tracking systems have completely simplified such complications and allow companies to avail real time and historical information of their commercial fleet movements in a hassle-free manner without spending a lot on different sources. High end and innovative GPS vehicle tracking systems are very helpful in monitoring vehicles' locations, speed and even keep eye on drivers' behavior along with delivering the accurate details of moving vehicles.

High end and latest GPS vehicle tracking systems are very helpful in transferring data from fleets with the help of mobile phone network to the servers to companies that provide and install vehicle tracking systems. Later, collected and stored data is stored securely and made easily accessible both in real time and history through the online vehicle trackers software. GPS vehicle tracking systems from a reliable company are designed and developed taking the support of cutting edge technologies and innovative strategies to make them capable of delivering better, even the best returns.

Talking about installation of vehicle tracking systems, it is extremely simple and hassle-free as it allows users track their vehicles and delivering accurate data that helps users comply with the legislation while functioning efficiently. Due to the simplicity and accuracy of uses, more and more fleet companies, transporters, and even single vehicle owners prefer to opt for the amazing vehicle GPS tracking system.

GPS tracking systems are also very cost-effective that simplify the human efforts and save time that in turn increases the profitability. Today, there are a number of fleet company that have witnessed significant boom in business profits. These systems are also helpful in reducing critical paperwork; in this way, they avoid confusions and eliminates misinformation that may cause some major problems.

Make Management at Workplace More Effective with High-End GPS Tracking Systems

Everyone is well aware of the uses of GPS tracking devices in vehicles to keeping eye on them, even in moving position as well. These tracking systems are also known as vehicle tracking systems that are installed in vehicles to get real time information of moving vehicles along with the details about mileage, maintenance and other details. Needless to say, high-end vehicle tracking systems or GPS tracking systems have witnessed a significant reduction in vehicle theft or auto-left cases. With regular updates in the technologies, GPS tracking devices have become more advanced. Now they come with some automatic systems and techniques.

These devices can easily switch off the vehicle engine and at the same time lock the doors automatically in case vehicle is used by someone else without knowing you. Today, uses of GPS tracking systems are not just limited to tracking moving vehicles or keep vigil on vehicles, but have expanded to a great level. Today, they are used largely in organizations and households for various uses. In other words, innovative GPS tracking systems is a common phenomenon in households, organizations, fleet companies, courier companies and other business to track moving vehicles and at the same time keeping eye on employees.

GPS tracking systems play a major role in preventing worksheet fraudulent as often done by employees. There are also a number of other benefits of installation of these latest tracking devices. People also get them installed with expensive things or valuable assets along with their pets. In this way, they get the best solution to keeping eye on them in case of any mishap.

Needless to say, latest GPS tracking systems are the perfect tracking devices for any company with a fleet of one vehicle or more. In addition to this, the high-end tracking devices also play a major role in increasing productivity and management control, better customer services and employee satisfaction, reducing fuel bills and communication cost as well. Today, with the increasing demand of GPS vehicle tracking devices, there are a number of renowned and reliable service providers have come up with different types of devices.

When it comes to get them installed in vehicles, at workstations, or to valuable assets, it is easy and hassle-free job. Today, there are a number of leading service providers offering devices and installation services with a number of added benefits.

Carjacker Gets Cold Feet & Jail Term

This dramatic incident took place around noon on May 20th when temperatures peaked and hit 85 degrees.

Damaris Montes, owner of the car and mother to the 23-month old baby, told police that she was followed by Ramon Rivera, the accused after a deal to sell a used computer fell through. She tried to elude him, but Ramon Rivera was persistent and continued to drive behind her. On Meadow Pond Way, Ramon's cars bumped hers forcing her to stop. At this point Ramon began arguing vehemently, also breaking her driver's sidecar window. Montes made her way out through the passenger side car door, when Ramon suddenly launched himself into the driver's seat and zoomed away, with the baby still in the back seat!

Ramon's version of events claim that he was trying to retrieve a stolen computer out of Montes's trunk and that he broke the car window to get to the trunk release button. He claims to have got into the car and driven away on seeing several men approach him. He then abandoned the car after taking the computer.

Henry Paul Ramon Rivera is now charged on several counts including carjacking with a deadly weapon, kidnapping a child under 13 years of age, child abuse and aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.

The car was found at 1pm that Saturday with the baby in the back seat profusely sweating and on the verge of serious dehydration. The baby was treated by paramedics before being handed back to the mother. No serious damage was done. But what if the car had never been found? Would the baby have lived to see another Saturday?

Auto thefts are a serious menace in today's fast paced society. There is an alarming number of increases in vehicles reported stolen every day. In short car alarms systems are failing miserably. GPS vehicle trackers prevent theft through a fantastic application which combines satellite mapping with mobile technology. GPS vehicle trackers determine accurate car location in real time and dispatch continuous feed and updates via satellite or cellular network. This information is continuously passed on to a central server where it is stored and can be retrieved at any time. GPS anti-theft systems let you set up designated virtual boundaries called "Geo fences or Safe zones". If your car crosses this perimeter, an alert is immediately sent to you via email or text.

What's more, with GPS tracking systems, you can set up speed thresholds for your car, which when crossed will result in an alert being sent to you. Some GPS tracking devices also allow you to control a vehicle remotely and allow functions such as locking doors or engine shut down in case of emergencies.

With GPS anti-theft systems you can stay assured of finding your car at anyplace, anytime.

Prevent Your Bike From Falling Apart With GPS Tracking

The story began with the report of three motorcycles stolen from a Pineville residence. And in the course of investigation police found that parts from one of the motorbikes were being sold on the Internet. This prompted detectives to investigate the seller on Willow Glenn Street in Alexandria, on whose premises all the three motorbikes were found. Detectives arrested Jedodiah Jewell Bartley, 26, and Paula Danise Johnson, 44 who are now charged with three counts of unauthorized use greater than $1,000, two counts of criminal damage between $500 and $50,000 and one count of obstruction of justice.

  The police got lucky in this case. What if the miscreants never sold any bike parts online? Would the police have been able to track the bikes down successfully? Motorbikes are such a huge part of the owner's personality that they almost become second nature. And thefts of such close companions are bound to get you down   Had the three stolen bikes been equipped with GPS trackers, they would have been found in the span of a day or two. Regardless of owning a sports bike, a cruiser, a street bike, an ATV or a dirt bike even, motorbikes are more prone to theft than other automotive owing to their portability and size. Motorcycle thefts have increased 50% since 2004 and now stand at 63,828 nation-wide. What's even more alarming is that motorcycle parts, including frames, can be more easily altered, reused and camouflaged than car or truck parts resulting in a lower recovery rate for stolen motorcycles than other automobiles. Bikes do not need to be hotwired in some case and can simply be loaded onto larger vehicles and driven off. Alarms with flashing lights & sirens can simply be disabled with a hammer.   GPS trackers have risen to combat this menace to the biking world. They have become an indispensable part of the Motorcycle & Bike Industry and it is not difficult to see why.    GPS bike trackers allow anyone to track your motorcycle's whereabouts in real-time from anywhere in the world, via the internet, through uniquely designed web-based mapping software. With these sensitive and timely devices, you can set specific geo mapping or ‘safe zones for your bike. If the bike is breaches this radius, an alert is immediately sent to you prompting you to take action. GPS trackers also report crashes. Suppose your vehicle has been stolen and has been involved in a road accident, immediately receive notifications. If there is any attempt to hotwire the bike, an automated email or cell phone alert is sent, giving you the opportunity to spring into action and activate the ignition disable switch.   GPS bike trackers are small, non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing devices which do not require any cumbersome or complicated installation procedures. Software is extremely simple to install and saves labor costs that you would've otherwise incurred in installing bulkier counterparts.   Stay rest assured and theft free with GPS bike trackers.

GPS Technology Brings In A New Bagg-Age

The bag's description includes a scene of New York City printed on it, along with the image of a yellow taxi cab. Does it contain jewelry, documents or cash, you wonder. Something's are far more valuable than money. For Jocelyne Lavoie-Konyk, it was a memory of her late Husband.

Lavoie-Konyk travelled to Winnipeg to share memories of her late husband with her daughter and mark his first death anniversary with a memorial scrapbook dedicated to him. David Konyk, her husband who was interred at a memorial honouring firefighters in Brookside Cemetery, died of a rare form of cancer 12 days short of his 65th birthday. Lavoie and David had been married for more than 40 years.  The scrapbook was a labor of love and contains unique photos and badges, which Lavoie wanted to share with her daughter. For Lavoie, it was like losing a life story.  

The bag also contains a journal that Lavoie has been using to cope with her loss and a battery charger for a hand prosthesis she uses. Both mother and daughter have left no stone unturned to search for the missing bag, including rummaging through garbage cans. They are still searching.  

Most of us have travelled to new destinations and come back with a bagful of memories and souvenirs. Do you know how many of these go missing? Statistics from the Bureau of Transportation Services (BTS) show that 2.04 million bags were mishandled in 2010. And that number is one the rise. And this is restricted to airport data alone. How about the countless numbers those are lost in transit? Just like the bag of immense sentimental value that fell out of a moving car in Winnipeg. We all have experienced the loss of misplaced or missing baggage at some point in our lives.  

GPS technology has enabled countless people from around the world to track their missing luggage. As small, inconspicuous, waterproof and handy devices that can be easily slipped into your suitcase, GPS luggage trackers offer round the clock luggage monitoring in extreme environments. GPS luggage trackers send regular messages and alerts via the internet to your laptop, cellular phone or home phone to ensure that you stay updated on your luggage's location. With GPS luggage trackers, set up ‘safe zones' for your luggage. Safe zones when breached result in an immediate alert being sent to you. With GPS technology, you can also set up speed thresholds for luggage. Suitcase trackers with their inbuilt accelerometers immediately send out alerts if a certain speed limit is crosses, prompting you to take notice of your luggage's whereabouts. In addition to misplaced luggage GPS tracking devices prevent theft and help you zero down on your bag's location. Luggage trackers are compatible with most cellular networks and work on all GSM/GPRS mobile networks. 

The Facts about Child Tracking

Every day 2,185 children go missing. The safety of one's children is a legitimate concern for every parent, thus parents have sought out child tracking to ensure the safety of their sons and daughters.

Kids GPS trackers are used to locate a child at any moment in the day. These trackers are typically small in size and can be attached to an undisclosed area of the child's clothing. Some parents may worry about the validity of such a device, but its benefits undoubtedly outweigh its cons. First we must determine what kids GPS trackers offer and how this technology works to ease parents' fears.

Real time tracking

A GPS device designed for children includes real time tracking, which means the location of the child is consistently updated. The device receives information from a network of GPS towers then delivers the information to the device of one's choosing, typically a smart phone or a computer. The device does not lag, so the location the parents sees on the device is the exact location of the child.

Creating geofences

Geofences are virtual boundaries that can be set for the particular device. These boundaries can be common places that the child frequents, such as school or a friend's house. When a child leaves or enters a geofence, an alert is sent to the parent's phone or email. This is particularly helpful when a child is walking to or from school since their travel can be monitored without the parent's physical presence.

A device with a low battery or a device that has been turned off

In addition to receiving alerts about the location of the child, parents can receive updates when the device is running low on battery or when the device has been turned off.

Safety of the device

Those weary of this information being stored in networks fear not. This information is sent only to the device of your choosing and only the owner of the device can track it.

Child Track 24-7 provides GPS devices for parents worried about the safety of their children. When compared to other trackers, Child Track 24-7 is more affordable and reliable than Amber Alert GPS and Spark Nano. There are no contracts, hidden fees, or cancellation fees. The Child Track 24-7 app is free for all members and there are no monthly fees for the first year of use. Don't let your child become a number. Invest in a quality GPS tracker at

40 GPS Facts & Figures

    GPS satellites circle the earth twice a day.
    GPS satellites are powered by solar energy.
    GPS satellites circles the globe at about 12,000 miles (19,300 km) a day.
    Each satellite transmits on three frequencies.
    2004 - 50th GPS satellite launched.
    2012 - More than 1,000 gps app @ Google Play
    2012 - More than 6,000 gps app @ iTunes
    GLONASS – A Russia's global navigation system satellite
    GALILEO - a global system being developed by the European Union.
    COMPASS – A People's Republic of China's global system.

11. IRNSS - India's regional navigation system.

12.The GPS signal contains a 'pseudo-random code', ephemeris (pronounced: ee-fem-er-iss) and almanac data.

13.With a minimum of three satellites, your GPS receiver can determine a 2D position fix.

14.With four or more satellites, a GPS receiver can determine a 3D position fix.

15.GPS receivers are line-of -sight instruments, they need to see the sky to operate.

16.GPS time is accurate to about 14 nanoseconds.

17.GPS can determine Velocity (speed you are travelling).

18.GPS can determine Time.

19.GPS can determine Location (where you are).

20.GPS can determine Speed.

21.GPS can determine Bearing.

22. GPS can determine Sunrise and sunset.

23. GPS can determine Distance to destination.

24. GPS can determine Trip distance.

25. GPS-based location devices help police recover stolen cars.

26.Homer Simpson has the most downloaded GPS voice in the world according to the World Guinness Book of World Records.

27. The GPS system and its data have revealed that Mt. Everest is getting taller!

28. GPS also makes it easier to find oil and coal, track wildlife and manage timberlands.

29. GPS helps the fishing industry locate productive fishing areas and helps boaters avoid hazards.

30. Now, GPS has become more important in our daily life.

31. The GPS project was developed and realized in 1973 by U.S Department of Defense.

32. In 1992 GPS was used in Operations Desert Storm.

33. GPS was fully operational running with 24 satellites in year 1994

34. 1983 - GPS system was made available to the civilians.

35. Civilian GPS uses the 'L1' frequency of 1575.42 MHz.

36.Civilian GPS applications use with three basic components: absolute location, relative movement, and time transfer.

37. Transmitter power is only 50 watts or less.

38. A GPS satellite weighs approximately 2,000 pounds.

39. Each satellite is built to last about 10 years.

40. Each satellite is about 17 feet across with the solar panels extended.

Anyway, GPS now is must have app whatever if your are driving, hiking, sports, business etc.

Business And Global Positioning System

This is the nature of every living thing that he/she explores himself and the surroundings around him. The US department of defense started inventing Global positioning system a great technology, which was the demand of the rapidly growing society these days.

  GPS: A new Advancement

The GPS was invented by peter H.Dana who was from the Department of geography in 1994. GPS have brought a great revolution even in the life of a common man. It is an economical innovation it helps us to save our money and valuable time which we spent just for checking our employees. With the help of this innovation we can check our employees who are not working we can kept an Eye on them even if we are at a long distance ago from them. Users are enjoying the uses of Global positioning System without any restrictions.

GPS is funded and controlled by the US Department of defense (DOD)

GPS tracking applications can be installed in iphone, ipad, Blackberry, and android phones.

Working of GPS tracking system

GPS tracking system is a worldwide radio navigation system it was formed from the conclusion of 24 satellites. A GPS tracking system uses GNSS network (Global Navigation Satellite system) this network uses microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS device and processed by reviver to find out the current location.

The operation of the system is based on simple principle trilateration. It has further two classifications 2-D trilateration and 3-D trilateration

A GPS tracking solution works in various ways

    Ø GPS devices are used to record the positions of the vehicles while they are making their journeys. Some systems will store the data in the GPS tracking system itself these are known as passive tracking
    Ø Some system will send the data in the series of interrelated steps within the GPS system called Active tracking

All the mobile phones emit certain radiations called radio waves signals even when they are not being used. So before the invention of GPS different telecommunication companies locate the position from the towers, but after the invention of this innovation   the positioning have become more accurate


    With the help of GPS tracker we can get the information of our vehicle
    We can get the speed, velocity, direction of our vehicle
    With the help of GPS tracker we can monitor the route of delivery truck
    GPS Tracking System is useful parents also they can have check and balance on their children's
    GPS provides exact location if it can be viewed into three dimensional view with the help of four satellites signals
    With rise in the prices of petrol and gas its becoming difficult for the business owners to monitor the activities of employees so GPS helps allot to these persons
    If we mistakenly do not remember our destination or we are not familiar with the locations in these condition diver do not need to ask someone for help GPS is our guide

The benefits of AA route maps

AA route maps symbolize a region or district. It is demonstration of the ground upon a level outside. Whenever you desire to travel, the biggest concern is to get the position rapidly with the best direction. There are several ways to achieve a place but the map which gives you accurate directions and information on the method is the one you are appearing for. Your voyage must be safe, suitable stylish and fun! When touring or lashing roughly a place what you require is an AA route maps which provide you voyage information, makes your force simple and suitable. The essential road routes must be given and also what is wanted on a street map is where you can simply locate good bargains on hotels, placing fuel stations, pacing cameras and break down workshops. The most significant is also the fact that a map must not fail at any given to give you accurate information. Getting approximately by road nowadays is much, much easier than it was numerous years ago. Gone are the days when populace used bodily road maps to find the way along their direction. Those road maps frequently resulted in citizens getting lost, so today most will be grateful for the AA Route Planner as the instrument they must use for travelling during England, Ireland and other European countries. This AA Routeplanner is an enormous reserve that will permit you to acquire from point A to point B with no the lofty risk of getting lost. All you would require to know is how it workings and how you can utilize it to your benefit. The AA RoutePlanner can simply be contacted by classification onto the Internet.

The major page that you will admission when you log onto the site is the sheet that provides maps and travelling instructions from spot to spot. All you would be necessary to do is go through the names of the source and purpose points after which the AA routeplanner would spit out a list of options that you can choose from. The site will also provide maps and settlement images that will assist to delineate accurately where the city names you have preferred show up on the map of that exacting country. Jointly with a good integer of other route planners you will locate there's a diverse one which actually needs all of your gratitude. It is the RAC Routeplanner. It's a web-based voyage preparation program and it by demand displays the best and also greatest routes in Great Britain, European countries and the United States for your own wandering and many further significant information and facts the same as well. The Rac RoutePlanner is also obliging with providing information concerning hotels and restaurants in each main city. You can also get thorough maps of every city so you can observe what amusement activities are obtainable. Therefore, if you are taking a prolonged trip, you can construct note of the relax stops so you can clutch an instant to revive yourself instead of lashing instantly to your final intention.

Feel the Quality of Sound (DVD Player) with GPS Technology

The Digital Video Disc or DVD is a preferred medium for viewing, recording, and distribution of movies. DVD has been one of the most successful consumer electronics products ever since its introduction as an optical storage disc. It can store and play video, excellent quality audio, still photos, and computer data. Due to its varied set of utilities beside video, it is also called the "Digital Versatile Disc."

All the previous technologies were able to bring about some progress in home entertainment, but the quality of audio and video achievable were far from the real movie experience. Also, the data storage capacity was far from adequate. This void was filled by the arrival of DVD (Digital Video Disc) in the year 1997. This technology was an instant success as it was capable of providing a much higher quality picture and audio quality than a VHS and could process information much faster than a VCD. The distribution of DVDs at varied intervals in various countries could be achieved using region coding on DVDs and DVD players. The later versions of DVD players were multi region enabled to allow playing of all region DVDs. The DVD players have been designed to playback any TV standard like NTSC, PAL, or SECAM. The recent models of DVD players are compatible with a variety of playing media such as CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, MP3, DivX, and WMA, among others.

Today in a market there are so many DVD players are available in a market it's hard to finalize which brand to purchase and which brand to drop. Are you on the lookout for a new DVD player? If you are, then you need to be aware of the terms that people manufacturing, marketing and reviewing new players use these days to describe their products. These terms show us the kind of changes that occurred with DVD technology in the last few years. While it seems that these terms sound cool to the ears, not everyone truly understands the meaning behind them.

Why should you bother learning these terms for describing new DVD player models? That is because today's new player is more than just a device for watching movies on a DVD disc. Today's player has a much better output: crisper, clearer images and more lifelike surround sound. It is also possible for new players today to play CDs and audio files of various formats ranging from mp3s and Windows Media Audio (WMA) files. It is even possible for you to enjoy high-resolution multi-channel music with the Super Audio CD (SACD) codec's built into a lot of the newer DVD equipment.

But no matter what these players are capable of doing these days, what is important is that the DVD machine that you choose should be perfect for your own needs. For one, it should be compatible with your TV set and have the output connections that will allow you to use it with your other audiovisual equipment.

There generally are two differing kinds of car DVD player setups available these days. Original equipment makers or OEM players come with the cars right from the factory while aftermarket players can be bought in a number of different ways and then installed in the automobile. Many of these new DVD players feature navigation capabilities, too. There is a question that many folks are asking, what's GPS and why are GPS DVD car players so good?

For people that don't know, GPS stands for world Positioning System. Many miles overhead, out in space, there are a number of satellites specifically dedicated to beam down location info to devices fitted out to read those beams. DVD car players equipped with GPS navigation systems can pick up those signals, which are translated into easy-to-read maps and such like and which can keep someone that is basically directionally-challenged from getting lost while going down to the neighborhood shop for a gallon of milk. All kidding aside, GPS is a way to literally go from one's stoop in Hartford, Connecticut and take the fastest route to another person's stoop out in San Diego, California.

Many GPS-equipped DVD car players will be able to point out places of interest, the least expensive gasoline and the best hotels or motels along the way. The convenience they offer cannot be overstated. Literally, the sorts of devices that can work with GPS nowadays are almost endless. Even the least expensive cell telephones around can be supplied with GPS capability. There are a number of very inexpensive GPS devices on the market that can be hooked into a power outlet in a car, too though someone who's heavy about their automobile will need to have their in car DVD player supplied with GPS.

Satellite or Wireless Now the Preferred Method of Vehicle Tracking

The electronics markets have been inundated over the last few years with new vehicle tracking devices. One of the most popular of these devices is the GPS tracking system. Consumers appreciate these systems because of their ability to provide directions and search out the shortest route to a particular location. The systems are able to do this with the use of a coordinate based program. An added benefit of some of these systems is their ability to record specific patterns of travel, including where and when a vehicle travels and the speed at which it traveled there. This allows insurance companies to provide to teenagers some incentive based discounts.

The growing vehicle tracking solutions industry will be significantly affected by a new law that has been passed in Brazil. This law will serve to boost the client base of those companies, with expectation being as many as 500,000 new customers. This is a 75% increase annually within a five year period of time.

The New Law Defined

Brazil has a very serious problem with auto theft. The auto theft crime rate is much higher in Brazil than in other more industrious societies like the United Kingdom and the United States. In fact, Brazil boasts a number of 52 million vehicles nationwide and every day, fifteen percent of those vehicles are stolen. Less than half of those stolen vehicles are ever recovered. In an attempt to reduce the rate of car thefts, Brazilian authorities have now passed a new law that requires all vehicles being newly registered to have a vehicle tracking system in them. Before the passage of this law, there were only 10% of all of the Brazilian vehicles with any type of tracking system installed.

What is the System to Be Used?

The tracking system that the government is requiring new car owner's to have installed is made by a company called Ituran. This wireless tracking systems works by using a combination of a satellite vehicle tracking system and land-based receivers. A sensor which is installed in the car will emit a red alert signal to a specialized call center if the vehicle is stolen or otherwise tampered with. Then, the call center will track the location of the car with a satellite receiver which is installed in the car. Upon location, a call is made to police with the exact location of the vehicle and, hopefully, an arrest can be made. Ituran's tracking system has another great benefit. It allows the vehicle to be remotely turned off and disabled by the call center employee upon suspicion of theft.

This system is rather inexpensive compared to the cost of other systems by other manufacturers. The equipment can either be rented or bought from Ituran by insured and/or uninsured vehicle owners. The cost for each tracking system will range from $400 to $500 dollars and the vehicle owner will need to pay a monthly fee of $15 for the
service of monitoring and tracking the vehicle.

Established in 1998, Ituran's company is based in Israel. It's second largest customer base, however, is in Brazil. Their vehicle tracking systems are very advanced technologically and are modeled after the ones that the Israeli Air Force uses to track down and locate down aircraft and pilots in enemy territory. This fact alone give great credibility to their tracking systems.

The Brazil project is expected to have an expenditure of $60 million for Ituran. However, once this project is underway, there are plans to propose similar projects for countries like Mexico, Russia, South Africa, and Poland, who all have high crime rates.

Global Warming: How GPS Tracking Will Save Lives When Disaster Strikes!

If you watch the History channel and watch the top 10 disasters that will befall the world, the number one prediction that is actual happening today is Global Warming.

We begin this article with a brief explanation of Global Warming and it's impact on life on earth and then move on to the worlds first and only command and control system that will help first responders help save lives when disaster strikes.

Global warming is the increase in the earth's average temperature due to the buildup of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from human activities.

Global climate changes were due to many factors, including massive volcanic eruptions, which increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; changes in the intensity of energy emitted by the Sun; and variations in Earth's position relative to the Sun, both in its orbit and in the inclination of its spin axis. Global Warming: Early Warning Signs Illustrates observed consequences, as indicated by periods of unusually warm weather, coastal flooding, and changes in glaciers and polar regions.

If there is coastal flooding in coming years due to melting ice caps, it won't happen suddenly and give you a tidal wave effect.

Scientists all over the world are making predictions about the ill effects of Global warming and connecting some of the events that have taken place in the pat few decades as an alarm of global warming.

They also report of extreme weather events, long-term droughts, and rising sea levels. Warmer temperatures will alter weather patterns, making it likely that there will be more intense droughts and more intense rain events. Most scientists also agree extreme weather events like Hurricane Katrina or Los Angeles' July record 119-degree Fahrenheit temperature are directly attributed to global warming.

Moreover, extreme weather events, including heat waves, droughts and floods, are predicted to increase in frequency and intensity, causing loss of lives and property and throwing agriculture into turmoil.

And the science tells us that human activity has made enormous impacts to our planet that affect our well-being and even our survival as a species. Many are agreed that climate change may be one of the greatest threats facing the planet.

Scientists have linked even this amount of warming to numerous changes taking place around the world, including melting mountain glaciers and polar ice, rising sea level, more intense and longer droughts, more intense storms, more frequent heat waves, and changes in the life cycles of many plants and animals.

Glaciers are melting, plants and animals are being forced from their habitat, and the number of severe storms and droughts is increasing.

In the next few years we will see great disasters happening right before our eyes in every corner of the world as man made gases continue to be spewed into the atmosphere causing death and pestilence.

Mankind however will not be extinct. People will survive only if there are systems in place that will aid the successful rescue and evacuation of people on a global scale.

A company called Ordia Solutions that had just released a Mobile Tactical Collaboration System (MCTS) interoperability / communication solution for law enforcement, fire/EMS, and search and rescue agencies. The MTCS is the first of a new generation of intuitive, easy-to-use browser-based solutions that addresses improved interoperability for first responders. The MTCS can be securely hosted inside an agency's firewall and can be delivered to desktop PCs and laptops, and requires no client installation.

Ordia Solutions MTCS is built around the concept of shared workspaces. Multiple authorized user's can simultaneously browse to a shared workspace to access the same dynamic operating picture. Each user sees identical data displayed on the map, including incident reports, infrastructure, operations, photographs, drawings, and streamed videos.

Any change to the operating picture by a user with editing access is immediately reflected on every other user's display. Unlike traditional collaboration tools, MTCS facilitates seamless scaling of the user base during multi-agency operations. Because the system is entirely web browser-based, new task force members can be integrated quickly and begin collaborating by simply sharing a secure hyperlink.

The MTSC system use GPS Tracking called AdvanTraq GPS through a collaboration with GLC Enterprises, Inc. This uses an advanced tracking solutions for personnel, vehicle, K9, and cargo that operate as standalone solutions or integrated with and traceable through a Mobile Tactical Collaboration System workspace. Applications range from tactical operations and border/perimeter security to coordinating multi-jurisdictional and multidisciplinary critical incident response.

The MTCS system allows for real time GPS Tracking with shared workspaces to allow first responders to save lives during the upcoming disasters caused by Global Warming. The system is currently in trials with many governmental agencies including the FBI!

All trials to date have exceeded expectations and will be deployed throughout the world in the coming months.

The bad news is that the impacts from Global Warming cannot be stopped! It's already a runaway train.

Massive disasters and death will continue to take the toll on the human race. How rescue personnel and first responders respond to the upcoming disasters will no doubt determine how many people can be saved now and in the future.

Dirty Gps? 6 Steps to Help it Last

Caring for your GPS unit is essential to ensure that you are able to find your way. The 6 steps below are a quick and easy way to care for any of your GPS units (Auto, Handheld, and Sports units).

1. Turn off the GPS unit and disconnect any wires.

2. Lightly remove as much dirt and debris as possible using a dry rag or brush.

-- To remove dirt/sand stuck between the buttons and the case try inserting a needle or a safety pin just before the particle and gently pry it out. CAUTION: Do not insert the needle or pin too deeply, this could affect the water resistance of the unit.

-- Also remove any dirt or debris from the back side of the unit. Open the battery compartment and wipe out with a dry rag. If the battery compartment of your GPS is visibly dirty you should use a slightly damp cloth to wipe it out. After it is clean let the compartment dry completely before closing it back up (this will prevent corrosion).

3. Now that your GPS is dusted off it is time to clean off the hard to remove stuff. The easiest way to do this is to use a separate rag that is slightly damp with window cleaner or soapy water, then wring it out (excess moisture to ruin your GPS). With the rag gently wipe the screen first, the goal is to avoid scratching the plastic so you can continue to see clearly on your next trip. Once the screen is clean you should wipe down the rest of the unit, taking care to remove any dirt from cracks and crevices.

4. Before your unit dries you need to take another damp rag(water only) and wipe away any soap or cleaning residue.

5. Once clean, dry your GPS with a soft rag and allow to air dry for at least 12 hours (preferably 24 hours) before turn the unit back on. Doing so will ensure that any moisture that might have seeped its way inside dries up.

6. Ensure you put the batteries back in the battery compartment and hook up anything else you need your GPS.

Improving Your Charge Capture Process

The revenue cycle of a physician group can be an amazing process. Especially when the process is simple, efficient and measurable. Unfortunately in many cases the management of the revenue cycle is not simple, efficient or measurable. How well does your group manage the revenue cycle?

There are 3 major components of the revenue cycle. Charge capture which includes the gathering of procedure and diagnosis codes. Claim processing which ensures the claim is formatted with the correct charges and patient demographics and sent to a clearinghouse. And lastly, collection of funds, from both payers and patients.

Process Engineers have a saying that pertains to the flow of a process, "Garbage In Equals Garbage Out". In other words, if you do not perform the first step of the process well, the following steps will not have a good result. For this reason we will focus this discussion on the first step of the process,charge capture.


The first step to improving your current charge capture process is to DEFINE it. I know you are thinking is this a joke? No. This is not a joke. I can not be more serious. It is the most important step you can take. Taking the time to define your process from beginning to end will allow you to quickly identify points of weakness, breakdowns in communication and immediate opportunities for improvement. Defining your process can be achieved through the use of a process flow chart.


This step may sound easy, but potentially, this is where you will have the most difficult time. The reason you will have a difficult time is that most practices do not have the ability to measure their charge capture process. The important thing to remember here is what the process is trying to accomplish,and that is to capture the appropriate procedure and diagnosis codes then ensure they are delivered to the next step of Claims Processing. Below are some basic examples of measures this process should provide.

Example Measures:
* Number of Encounters = billable patient visits
* Number of Bills Submitted = bills submitted by physician (should equal patient visits)
* Physician Time = time spent on charge capture activities (filling out index cards, justifying codes, etc..)
* Lost Bills = number of encounters minus number of bills submitted
* Coding Errors = number down/up coding Events
* Cost of Coding Errors = dollar amount associated to coding errors.
* Cost of Lost Bills = dollar amount associated to lost bills


This is where the fun begins. It is very important that you follow where the data leads you. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you know the problem. Yes, there will be some obvious issues that jump out at you and you need to take action on them. But, you can't afford to stop there. You may have a severe process issue that is costing your practice money and it is imperative that you keep digging.

One of the most common tools for analyzing your process is a Cause and Effect Diagram. This is a simple tool that will allow you capture all the potential causes for a particular effect. Causes are categorized by using the Six M's: Man, Machine, Method, Mother Nature, Materials, and Measurement.

Effect = Lost Bill
Potential Causes of Lost Bill:
* Man: 1) physician misplaces index card, 2) billing offices misplaces index cards
* Machine: 1) fax transmission failed 2) scanned image corrupted
* Measurement: 1) manual reporting of activity, 2) incorrect manual reconciliation
* Method: 1) current process does not validate receipt of transmission of bill 2) Process does not regulate security of index cards.


Now that you have analyzed your process it is time to implement changes to that process. This can range from simple tweaks to a complete overhaul of the process. Once again, let your findings lead you to develop a step by step plan that outlines each of the changes you want to make. For instance, you may determine from your analysis that a primary reason for lost charges is that you are currently on a paper based index card system and that bills are lost due to physicians and/or billing office staff misplacement of the index cards. Your primary improvement action could be as simple as providing a secure lockbox at the hospital for the physicians to drop their index cards or it may be a complete overhaul of the process to include implementation of an electronic charge capture system.

Each improvement action should have an assigned accountable owner. Each improvement action should also have projected start and end dates. It is vital that you have tollgate reviews during the improvement phase to mark the progress of change implementation.


Process improvement is a never ending adventure. You must constantly measure your performance. This will be much easier now that you have defined your measurements. You can utilize simple tools like trend charts to measure data points prior to your improvements and then trend your performance after the improvements. This is such an important step because it allows you to determine very quickly if you are driving toward your expected outcomes. You may need to revisit your analysis and improvement actions to determine where the process still needs to be tweaked or if you need to contact your boss and ask for a raise because you just saved the company money and improved revenue.

In summary, charge capture is the most important step in the overall process of the revenue cycle because it is the first. If you put garbage in the first step of the revenue cycle you will get garbage out of the last step which is collections. Improving your charge capture process can be very easy if you follow 5 simple steps. 1) DEFINE your process, 2) MEASURE your process, 3 )ANALYZE your process, 4) IMPLEMENT IMPROVEMENT ACTIONS to your process and 5)CONTROL your improvements for the new process.

Hirobo Lepton EX-3D Review

Electric RC helicopters are becoming so popular that RC helicopter manufacturing giants who used to stick with gas models are starting to produce electric ones. Recently, Hirobo follows that trend and released a new high-end electric RC helicopter, the "Lepton EX-3D". This model is one in which Hirobo claims is capable of flying the most advanced 3D maneuvers right out of the box - a claim in which RC Flying Thailand sets out the test.

In fact, before actually getting their hands on this model, RC Flying has had two chances to see it in flight. In both occasions the flight was flown under constant heavy winter wind. Nevertheless, the Lepton didn't show any problems and landed safely. Therefore, even without flying it, it is safe to say that the claim that this model is extremely wind-resistant is well founded.

The Lepton EX-3D is a world class helicopter made by a world class RC helicopter manufacturer who aims to please advance pilots. The whole model stands just slightly smaller than a typical .32 gas model, making it durable, wind resistant while at the same time easily transportable.

Hirobo Japan positions the Lepton EX-3D as one of their top models. In this honor, they gave the model two separate but integrated bodies. The outer made of Carbon Hybrid and the inner made of Magnesium. These two bodies serve to eliminate vibrations and the combination boasts a 200% increase in heat dispersion rate as opposed to aluminum. Experts claim that the integration of two bodies is the secret of making the Lepton EX-3D wind resistant. The Head is made of aluminum and the rotor blades are made of fiberglass.

As for the battery, if you decide to purchase the "combo" version, the Lepton comes with a 4-cells Li-Po battery along with a "Balance Cell" charger. The battery takes one hour to charge - which will allow for an 8 minute worth of normal flight or 5 minutes worth of 3D flight.

The only thing might make prospective buyers stop to think a bit is the price. Being the top model, the Lepton carries a heavy price tag. In fact, its price rivals that of a gas RC helicopter. This in a way defeats the purpose of it being an electric model. However, some will say that having the "Hirobo" brand on its fuselage will make it worth its price. Also, CPA Product, the only distributor in Thailand counters any complaints regarding the Lepton's high price saying "you would buy the Lepton EX for the same reason that you would buy a Mercedes."

8 Advantages of a Gps System

Global positioning systems are widely in use today for navigation, map making, land surveying fishing, treks, and many scientific applications. GPS receivers can be incorporated into cars, boats, computers, mobile phones watches and more.

There are many advantages of having a gps system:

1. A gps system comes with a "panic" button. When this button is pressed an operator at the gps carrier can listen in on the conversation and either help you out or alert the authorities. This will keep you safe in case of accidents or hi jacks.

2. Your car will never loose your car at a football match or mall. The gps service will track the car for you and send its lights flashing.

3. If your vehicle is ever stolen the gps system will track the vehicle and the authorities will be able to get it back in no time.

4. A gps system in a car, boat, plane or haversack will ensure that you are never lost.

5. A gps system streamlines supply chains and truck movements. The system can track goods at any point of time and accurately predict when goods will reach their destination.

6. Gps systems are used to detect structural problems in buildings and roads and to predict disasters like earthquakes and so on. The scientific applications of a gps system are many.

7. A gps system can be used to locate a lost child, pet or family. The device is quite small and is like a watch or button on a collar.

8. A gps is a great exercise monitor and will help you keep track of your spped and so on.

A word of caution before signing up for a gps system find out what you are paying for and what the monthly fee will cover.

Gps systems have so many uses; they help determine weather patterns, can be used in conjunction with cameras, have varied use in military and have great use in surveying for volcanic eruptions, sink holes, movements in the earth's plates and so on.

A word of caution before signing up for a gps system find out what you are paying for and what the monthly fee will cover. Log on to the internet and find out online what are gps services and what the costs are. Read all about gps systems and the pros and cons. Always compare rates and choose a package that suits you best. The World Wide Web is the most convenient market place to find affordable and useful gps packages.