Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mapping Solutions to Drive Business

Real estate agents require a tool for effective location analysis. Likewise, police officers use powerful tools for crime analysis. On the other hand, retail industry owners also use solutions for customer tracking. These are different people from different industries but all of them require one tool that helps enormously to carry out their tasks in the most efficient way – mapping.

Throughout the years, mapping evolved from classroom geographical studies to business analysis. Gone are the days when mapping is only used for pinpointing locations. Now, with the growing demands of many industries, mapping has already placed in a whole new level of business intelligence!

Our modern world has seen organizations with growing interest in mapping and other GIS solutions. Businesses have seen how they can take advantage of tools used for mapping services. Whether you are a business owner wanted to keep track of your customer buying behavior or an insurance company agent performing risk analysis, you will make the most from your business when mapping solutions are applied.

How to Detect a Good Mapping Solutions Provider

The internet houses thousands of companies providing different mapping services. With all the free multi-map services around, how can you determine if a mapping solutions provider is reliable?

A good mapping solutions provider should have:

·         Long line of history and project experience in GIS technology

·         Technical expertise in using mapping software programs and tools

·         Sound Insights in GIS rules, principles and applications

·         Personal commitment to individual clients' demands, needs and goals

·         Excellent project management

·    Solutions that meet the client's budget, expectations and timeline without hampering the quality of the service.

·         High quality GIS tools and easy-to-use maps.

When these factors are present mapping solutions can be of great value.

Benefits of Mapping Solutions

Instead of doing random hit-or-miss business plans or create trial-and-error techniques that seem disconnected from success, mapping helps provide accurate spatial information. Government departments, educational institutions, medical and health facilities and other commercial institutions greatly benefit from mapping services.

Some of the best multi-map services provide the following benefits:

1.       Security Issues Analysis – Mitigate risks or identify threats.
2.       Asset Management – Identify the key factors pertinent to success.
3.       Complaint Tracking – Achieve better customer relations.
4.       Cost Reduction – Organizations need to look through the map first before creating a concise business plan that will be effective to their target markets.
5.       Data Integration – Necessary to derive an accurate solution to specific mapping problem.
6.       Planning Facilitation – Execute the right business steps and planning.
7.       Improved Data Quality – Strict quality standards are implemented for high customer satisfaction.
8.       Increased Mapping Productivity – Increase data access, improved efficiency in engineering and operational works, and integrate billing, work orders and maintenance.

Mapping gives organization to data. It tells the story. And because of these benefits we can expect that more and more organizations will take advantage of these mapping solutions.

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