Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Satellite or Wireless Now the Preferred Method of Vehicle Tracking

The electronics markets have been inundated over the last few years with new vehicle tracking devices. One of the most popular of these devices is the GPS tracking system. Consumers appreciate these systems because of their ability to provide directions and search out the shortest route to a particular location. The systems are able to do this with the use of a coordinate based program. An added benefit of some of these systems is their ability to record specific patterns of travel, including where and when a vehicle travels and the speed at which it traveled there. This allows insurance companies to provide to teenagers some incentive based discounts.

The growing vehicle tracking solutions industry will be significantly affected by a new law that has been passed in Brazil. This law will serve to boost the client base of those companies, with expectation being as many as 500,000 new customers. This is a 75% increase annually within a five year period of time.

The New Law Defined

Brazil has a very serious problem with auto theft. The auto theft crime rate is much higher in Brazil than in other more industrious societies like the United Kingdom and the United States. In fact, Brazil boasts a number of 52 million vehicles nationwide and every day, fifteen percent of those vehicles are stolen. Less than half of those stolen vehicles are ever recovered. In an attempt to reduce the rate of car thefts, Brazilian authorities have now passed a new law that requires all vehicles being newly registered to have a vehicle tracking system in them. Before the passage of this law, there were only 10% of all of the Brazilian vehicles with any type of tracking system installed.

What is the System to Be Used?

The tracking system that the government is requiring new car owner's to have installed is made by a company called Ituran. This wireless tracking systems works by using a combination of a satellite vehicle tracking system and land-based receivers. A sensor which is installed in the car will emit a red alert signal to a specialized call center if the vehicle is stolen or otherwise tampered with. Then, the call center will track the location of the car with a satellite receiver which is installed in the car. Upon location, a call is made to police with the exact location of the vehicle and, hopefully, an arrest can be made. Ituran's tracking system has another great benefit. It allows the vehicle to be remotely turned off and disabled by the call center employee upon suspicion of theft.

This system is rather inexpensive compared to the cost of other systems by other manufacturers. The equipment can either be rented or bought from Ituran by insured and/or uninsured vehicle owners. The cost for each tracking system will range from $400 to $500 dollars and the vehicle owner will need to pay a monthly fee of $15 for the
service of monitoring and tracking the vehicle.

Established in 1998, Ituran's company is based in Israel. It's second largest customer base, however, is in Brazil. Their vehicle tracking systems are very advanced technologically and are modeled after the ones that the Israeli Air Force uses to track down and locate down aircraft and pilots in enemy territory. This fact alone give great credibility to their tracking systems.

The Brazil project is expected to have an expenditure of $60 million for Ituran. However, once this project is underway, there are plans to propose similar projects for countries like Mexico, Russia, South Africa, and Poland, who all have high crime rates.


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